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About us

   The high quality of “Primalct” products is due to the professionalism, experience and passion of our specialists, the rigorous control of parameters throughout the entire course of production, the packaging process, made in the maximum hygiene and safety conditions, as well as our constant concern in finding new solutions that combine tradition with the latest technology. To answer the growing demand of the market for dairy products, but especially due to the success of the “Primalact” and “La Ferma” brands, we decided to increase our processing capacity. For this purpose, “Primalact” is now in the middle of a project, with the aid of European funds, of almost four million euros. At the end of this project, our daily processing capacity will be of 100,000 liters of milk.

The project has two major components: - a new production hall, with a surface of 1800 square meters and the latest equipment; - a new dairy manufacturing line, with the latest technology. This investment will help us enhance our milk processing capacities and obtain products of the highest European standards in terms of quality. Shortly, “Primalact” products will be present on international markets. Faithful to a “Healthy lifestyle” strategy and taking into account the trends of the market, our specialists have anticipated that the preferences of customers will shortly be heading towards traditional products.

   We have chosen to remain “traditionalists” and use only fresh and natural milk in our manufacturing process, because nothing can replace its taste and benefits. “Primalact” produces a diversified range of dairy products: - fresh products: milk, sour cream, fresh cow cheese - cheese: cheese and cheese specialties, smoked cheese, mozzarella, salted cow cheese, sheep cheese, melted cheese, butter cream Under the brand “La Ferma” – “The natural taste from Transylvania” we launched in 2007 a range of products, which includes milk, sour cream, fresh cheese and salted cow cheese.

“La Ferma” products are designed in the spirit of a healthy lifestyle. This is the message that the name and the particular design of the “La Ferma” products sends,.. a blessed land, where life’s ease and people’s wisdom, the peace and harmony of the place makes you to take a break and enjoy the taste of the natural milk found in the “Primalact” products.
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